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Ocean City NJ Market Data

For those who like to study market data, monitor trends, or just find out how their investment in seashore real estate has held up over time, the following reports may be helpful.  If you are thinking of buying or selling a property in Ocean City, this information can be an important part of your decision-making process.  Not sure what it all means?  Let me help.  Just ask!  The data through 2014 will be available soon, so check back or email mail to get on my mailing list.


Graph of 3BR/2BA sales prices from 2000 - 2010
Take a look at this chart first. If it were a stock, would you buy it? I would. Considering the roller-coaster ride that real estate and the financial markets have been on, this looks like a relatively safe bet.
Annual Sales Data by Property Type 2000 - 2010
Want to know what the average single family home, condominium or multi-family property has been worth over time? Yearly statistics include number of units sold, average price and median price, as well as the percentage change from previous year.
Sales by Price Range 2000 - 2010
Shows the number of units of all types - single family, condo and multi-family properties - in each price range each year. Useful for tracking where the buyers are concentrated.
Condo Market Detail 2000 - 2010
Yearly data segregated by number of bedrooms, as well as detail data on specific types of condos including 3BR/2BA, 4BR/2BA, larger units and beachfront properties. Includes number of units sold and average selling price.
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